7:00pm | Fiannah de Rue - Here Come the Blues 💙 | Crowded
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7:00pm | Fiannah de Rue – Here Come the Blues 💙

7:00pm | Fiannah de Rue – Here Come the Blues 💙

Twenty-three years ago, the Carlton Blues won the AFL Grand Final. It was the best day of Carol’s life. Since that day, however, Carol has endured a steady stream of heartaches, watching her once-proud club crumble into mediocrity. With nothing left to lose, Carol has made it her mission to end Carlton’s drought and get the boys to the finals. She will stop at nothing as she faces the greatest challenge in modern football history… Making the Blues good again.

Fiannah de Rue is a comedian, actor and improviser, who debuted her first solo show It’s Not Funny at the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival to sell out crowds. Described as “”An energetic comedy zealot who was born to entertain”” (Weekend Notes), Fiannah promises to bring more delightful characters with her uniquely whacky comedic take on the world.

Written by Mario Hannah and Fiannah de Rue.

Directed by Caitlyn Staples.