6:50pm | Sass Attack!

6:50pm | Sass Attack!

It’s dark, it’s sassy and it’s really funny. Who are we gonna sass? Our ex-boyfriends? The elderly in the supermarket? People that wear woollen headbands? Nothing is off-limits!

You’re invited to an hour of twisted and unapologetically hilarious jokes from two of Melbourne’s best comedians. As bold and clever as it is silly and playful, this show is like having a glass of wine with your best friend and then finishing the bottle.

Carla and Urvi are two sassy ladies making a name for themselves in the Melbourne comedy scene. You may have seen then performing at prestigious venues such as Crab Lab, Catfish and Rochey. They are teaming up for the first time to give their very important commentary on the dire situation of the world we live in (please don’t ask them about politics they don’t know anything about that).

Carla was a RAW national finalist in 2017 and winner of the Adelaide Comedy Festival’s ‘best newcomer’ award. Her split show- ‘Good Wills Huntley’- at Adelaide Fringe last year, earned a five-star review and welcomed sold-out crowds. She is a regular presenter on RRR radio.

Urvi Majumdar was a RAW state finalist in 2018 and also performed her first split bill for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in the same year. Urvi has appeared in sketches with Princess Pictures (‘That’s what she said’) and Hot Dad productions. She has also done guest radio spots such as ‘Women on the Line’ on 3CR.