9:50pm | Dave Hynes - The Pineapple Orchestra | Crowded
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9:50pm | Dave Hynes – The Pineapple Orchestra

9:50pm | Dave Hynes – The Pineapple Orchestra

Following a successful debut at the 2018 MICF, local favourite Dave Hynes returns to the stage and this time he’s bringing more than one pineapple! This year, he’s inviting the audience to play the pineapple alongside him! A show filled with joy and excitement, Sunshine Dave creates an environment full of love and wonder. Join him for a night of stand up, sketch and loveable character comedy.

“Five stars. Unpredictable and nigh indescribable, this deserves to be seen and appreciated” – Funny Tonne

“pure, unbridled, childish enthusiasm” – Pop Culture-y

Dave has a “gloriously deranged mission to wring maximum love and enjoyment from every audience member” – Funny Tonne