Melbourne Fringe 2018 Pilgrim Program

6pm | 12-19 September
6pm | 12-19 SeptemberChristy Pearce - Sir Cedric & Friends!
Have you ever wanted to try Stand-Up Comedy? Of course you have! Why wouldn’t you?! Sir Cedric doesn’t know if he ever wanted to be a Stand-Up Comic but somehow it’s happened. He’s walked out of the wilderness and found himself up there in the bright lights of expectant failure. What could possibly go wrong?
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7:15pm | 12-19 September
7:15pm | 12-19 SeptemberPaul Richards - Montreal
Professional wrestling. Show, or business? Real, or ‘fake’? In November 1997, the most controversial event in the industry’s history blurred the lines between fact and fiction, forever changing the lives of everyone involved.
Performed by comedian Paul Richards (‘The Echo Chamber’, The Big HOO-HAA!)
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8:30pm | 12-19 September
8:30pm | 12-19 SeptemberDon't @ Me - Commit to Your Jokes
Treat yourself to a hilarious night with four of Melbourne’s most talked about up and coming comedians… who don’t need your DMs or your @s. Featuring Claire Hagan (Test Lab Comedy, Comedy at Murphy’s Comedian of the Year, 2016), Aurelia St Clair (RAW state finalist, 2017), Donna Collins (Winner of North Melbourne Comedy Competition, 2017) and Gamze Kirik (writer for Live on Bowen).
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6:00pm | 20-28 September
6:00pm | 20-28 September Reeni Inosha Ekanayake - Enlighten Me A Little
Reeni explores why she’s no longer worried about growing old and alone. She’s got access to the Buddha, retinol and a foster care puppy program.
Through hilarious sketches and storytelling of life experiences, Reeni invites you into her world of protecting her ‘happy’.
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7:15pm | 20-28 September
7:15pm | 20-28 SeptemberFiannah De Rue - It's Not Funny
After selling out her Melbourne International Comedy Festival season, improviser and comedian Fiannah de Rue (The Improv Conspiracy) brings you her debut solo show It’s Not Funny. A whirlwind of heartfelt and hilarious story-telling inspired by the grief of losing her father at 21.
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8:30pm | 20-28 September
8:30pm | 20-28 SeptemberChloe Black - Transistor Sister
Chloe Black is one of the most sought-after comedians in Tasmania. She has been doing stand up for 17 years but 2 years ago came out as transgender and has been performing as her true self ever since. Her insights into living as both genders have become an absolute hit with audiences, striking a great balance between profound insight and unique hilarity.
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