10pm | Neil Triffett - Misery | Crowded
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10pm | Neil Triffett – Misery

10pm | Neil Triffett – Misery

Neil Triffett, creator of Netflix’s Emo the Musical,  presents a bitter-sweet, musical romp through the heartache and pain people cause themselves. From dead dogs to accountants, true love to drowning at sea, Neil is ready to tackle all of human suffering. Armed with a ukulele, a piano, and a darkly-comic sense of humour, Neil will attempt to find the root cause of human suffering, while sharing stories about his own misery, the misery of others, and, on the upbeat nights, your misery too.

Praise for Neil’s previous work:

“Genuine charm and laugh out loud moments. [Neil’s Music] is satisfying in all the right ways”
Jude Dry, Indiewire

“Very funny. It is satire, full of innuendo, and jaunty ukulele ballads.”
Fleur Kilpatrick, School for birds