8:30pm | Mann Up and Take the Paine | Crowded
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8:30pm | Mann Up and Take the Paine

8:30pm | Mann Up and Take the Paine

‘Mann Up and Take The Paine’
Big acting for the small screen

Colette Mann and Geoff Paine present the definitive 50-minute masterclass in working on TV soaps. We will teach you how to:

• make scripts even more believable
• drive a scene (in your direction)
• cry on cue
• walk and talk at the same time
• pull focus
• make your co-actors look good (while making yourself look better)
• do screen tests, self-tests and blood tests

Colette and Geoff are currently lovers (oooohhhhh) on Neighbours (yes, it’s still going) and have decided to bring their wealth of knowledge to a new audience, whether they want it or not. They want it. With a combined 204 years (close enough) of TV industry experience and hard-won lessons, these two TV icons – okay, Colette at least – share the joy and pain of working on TV shows that still keep the audience guessing five nights a week.

This workshop/masterclass/love-in will involve audience participation, well-kept showbiz secrets and a survival guide for anyone caught on camera. Bring your melodrama and get your fix of telly technique, overacting and driving a scene in your direction. There’ll be laughter, there’ll be tears (probably more laughter).