6:00pm | Fishlace Jones – Behind the Curtain

6:00pm | Fishlace Jones – Behind the Curtain

BEHIND THE CURTAIN is the only show that shines a light on every crazy, ridiculous and insane method used to create the Independent Theatre you’ll see during the Comedy Festival.

This is a must see production from Charlie Ranger in his first one-man-show. A performer with over 10 Melbourne International Comedy Festivals under his belt.

You’ve seen Independent Theatre, but Behind the Curtain delves deeper into the creative process than ever before. From walking as a Pigeon through hot blood to find one’s emotional truth, to writing scripts specifically designed for casting hot nudes, is there nothing these desperate Creatives won’t do in a bid to create the perfect piece of theatre?

Via Fishlace’s personal experience, this is a Masterclass that will fearlessly expose every dank and dirty Independent-Theatre-secret you ‘never knew you wanted to know’.

Over a rollicking and rolling 45 minutes that can be described as part Masterclass/part Boot Camp, Behind the Curtain is perfect not just for performers, but normal humans too!

This show will expose a wound that will end, or save, the Theatre.