7:30pm | Comedy Good Time! | Crowded
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7:30pm | Comedy Good Time!

Comedy Good Time

7:30pm | Comedy Good Time!

Comedy Good Time! is an hour of fun with three of Melbourne’s most exciting up-and-coming comedians: Andrew Portelli, Ash Greblo and Urvi Majumdar.

After smashing it in rooms around Australia and sell-out runs at MICF 2018, they’ve put together their biggest show yet – coming at you with hot new takes from angles you weren’t expecting, saying words you couldn’t anticipate, all while having a bloody good time!

Ask anyone who knows! They’ll tell you to see this show! It’s a bucket full of Wizz Fizz! It’s a keg of red cordial! It’s a Comedy Good Time!

“an ocean of raw talent and an innate sense for big laughs”

“the audience were in hysterics”
Weekend Notes

“leaves the audience in hysterics”
The Plus Ones