6:00pm | Paul Savave – Finds All The Jokes In The Bible

6:00pm | Paul Savave – Finds All The Jokes In The Bible

Paul Savage’s Dad (a baptist minister) claimed there is only one joke in the bible. Sensing a challenge, Paul set out to find the rest. Following two sell-out runs at the Ediinburgh Festival Fringe and a UK tour, join him as he finds wizard battles, kung fu moves and a surprising amount about foreskins.

‘Genuinely brilliant, an all round hoot.’ The Guardian

‘A wonderful way with words.’ BBC

‘It’s clear from the detail he goes into that he knows his Bible inside-out. But if he has the Good Book in one hand, he’s clutching a pint of beer and a packet of crisps in the other.’ Ed Fest Mag

‘Turns out, religion was based on a very old joke-book where 90% of the punchlines were war, incest and genital mutilation. See the F*%k out of this show.’ The Skinny (UK)

‘An engaging and affable labour of love by a man determined to find comedy in the most unlikely of places.’ Broadway Baby (UK)

‘Manages to locate a plague of gags in and around the papyrus based text.’ Tuppence Magazine