Melbourne Fringe 2018 Belleville Program

6:00pm | 11 - 16 September
6:00pm | 11 - 16 SeptemberFishlace Jones - Behind the Curtain
Fishlace Jones, known to everyone as the ‘King of the Independent Theatre scene’, is at a fork in the road. A time when career-defining decisions must be made, decisions that could spell his creative end.
Let Fishlace take you on a journey Behind the Curtain, recounting personal tales and revealing the sauciest secrets of the independent arts.
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7:15pm | 11 - 16 September
7:15pm | 11 - 16 SeptemberChris Harnett - Booted
In 2017 Chris started working at a boot factory. He spends day in, day out packing boots into boxes while he ponders the important things such as Alien conspiracy theorists, his vague understanding of wealth inequality and why he didn’t spend more time working on this blurb.
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8:30pm | 11 - 16 September
8:30pm | 11 - 16 SeptemberKatherine Allan - Strong Female Protagonist
Katherine is just a girl, standing in front of an audience, begging and pleading for them to love her. “Strong Female Protagonist” is a one-woman romantic comedy written and performed by Katherine Allan. A strong female protagonist can run a multi-million dollar company – and run in a pair of heels! – but can she find love in a romantic comedy where she’s the only character?
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7:15pm | 17 - 23 September
7:15pm | 17 - 23 September Megan McCrea - Obsessed
We all know that one person, the person who is teetering on the edges of hoarder and doesn’t stop at one ‘Paris’ labelled item in their home. Megan McCrea (RAW Comedy National Finalist 2014) has been hooked on fads for far too long. With paralysing FOMO, she jumps on band wagons and rides them ’til the end of the line.
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8:30pm | 17 - 23 September
8:30pm | 17 - 23 SeptemberJosh Gardiner and Jordan Barr - The 2007 Wonthaggi Blue Light Disco
The 2007 Wonthaggi Blue Light Disco is a sketch comedy show that follows various characters throughout one fateful eve in an aggressively suburban, rural town. It’s a trip down memory lane, and that lane is going through an emo phase, jeez mum. We invite you to the Wonthaggi Town Hall (Belleville Melbourne) for a night of funky tunes and dancing at a distance.
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9:45pm | 17 - 23 September
9:45pm | 17 - 23 SeptemberOliver Cowen - Straight White Knight
John is being hunted by a Bear! But John is not scared! Knights are not scared of anything! He will fight the Bear and save the Princess because that is what Knights are supposed to do! He will live happily ever after because John is a STRAIGHT! WHITE! KNIGHT! …right?
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6:00pm | 24 - 30 September
6:00pm | 24 - 30 SeptemberCharisa Bossinakis - None Taken
Charisa Bossinakis wishes to offer a guide for millennials, however has come to the gradual realisation that everything is a lie. After 21 years of living, Bossinakis begins to deconstruct where it all went wrong. Could it be the fact that she can name all Kardashians but not all of the four branches of government, or maybe that she completed a mime credit at university? No, it’s definitely the latter…
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7:15pm - 24 - 30 September
7:15pm - 24 - 30 SeptemberSustainable Stand up - hosted by Alanta Colley
Stand-up comedy about things that matter: climate change, Gina Rinehart and why you shouldn’t ever take New Zealanders seriously. Ever. Laugh at the Adani coal mine. Tickle Peter Dutton until he just goes away. Maybe even don’t take your beard so seriously.
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8:30pm | 24 - 30 September
8:30pm | 24 - 30 SeptemberGillian English - 10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew
Let us take you back the good old days, when we worried about Y2K, wore butterfly clips in our hair, and became total babes the minute we took off our glasses. And the even older days where we worried about the plague, wore massive wigs, and women weren’t allowed to be on stage anyway.
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