8:20pm | Aidan ‘Taco’ Jones – 52 Days

8:20pm | Aidan ‘Taco’ Jones – 52 Days

In 2012 I wrote a diary on a deck of playing cards, one for each week.

Pick them out and I’ll tell stories spanning three continents about heartbreak, prison, fireworks — everything! The order’s up to you.

That year I spent New Year’s in Bolivia, then turned 21 and returned to my hometown, Adelaide. I’d fallen in love with a French girl in Bolivia, and she moved from France to Australia to be with me, but of course the relationship fell apart, so I quit university and moved to Melbourne to become a comedian. I lived in a dorm in a backpackers’ hostel while pawning electronics and selling mushrooms to make money between getting fired from bar jobs. Meanwhile back in Adelaide one of my best friends had the police knock down his door and raid his house, finding thousands of dollars worth of drugs. It was a pretty big year.

“An effortless and vulnerable charm seldom seen on the stand-up stage, even from the most famous comic minds” The Music (Melbourne Comedy Festival, 2018) ★★★★½  What’s On In Adelaide (Adelaide Fringe 2018)

“A natural writer, Jones recounts the disquieting story with a light but compelling touch” – Steve Bennett, Chortle.co.uk ★★★★ TheFourthWall (Perth Fringe World, 2018)