9:45pm | Patrick Collins – Mime Consultant

9:45pm | Patrick Collins – Mime Consultant

Patrick Collins is a mime with 20 years of completely fabricated experience. In 2019 he’s taking the next step in his career as the Mime Consultant. Come along for exclusive sessions of mime, sketch, magic and cabaret to fulfil your comedic needs. Break through your emotional invisible walls, welcome new forms of communication and pull on a rope when there is in fact no rope.

Created by the people who brought you Patrick Collins, Overexposed (2016), Patrick Collins Walks The Plank (2018), Melbourne Fringe Festival’s “”Le Grande Cabaret”” (2018) and your favourite Maxibon commercial.

Disclaimer: consultation may have no tangible results.

“…masterfully witty and commanding.” – Stage Whispers

“Pure unadulterated energy… delighted at every turn.” – Good Vibes Melbourne

“…entertained by every moment!” – Tayaroundtown