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Whether you want access to free comedy shows, events experience or just want to hang out at some cool pop-ups and meet some new folks, we offer it all! ...

The Crowded 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Program is now live! This year we are programming nine rooms across four spaces and supporting The Butterfly Club (another two rooms)...

A massive thank you to all of our guest artists and guest musicians that came together and joined Tom Dickins on stage to make this event electric...

About Us

Tom Dickins & Ange Devery

Crowded is founded by Ange Devery and Tom Dickins. We dedicate ourselves to help our clients find their crowd by utilising decades of experience in event management, publicity and design.

Our work is focused primarily in the arts, however our clients come from a diverse range of industries, with unique ideas, products, and needs. As a result, our way of working is flexible and adaptive. We deliver highly creative and thoroughly executed events, clever PR campaigns and high-end design work that amplifies your voice.

We meet with our clients to understand why they are doing the work they are doing, and then work our arses off to help them find their audiences online and on stage.

You’ll find us mostly between Melbourne and Castlemaine, however, we service clients and deliver projects globally.


We have a strong love for event planning, management and delivery. We have years of experience in Tour Managing and producing works in Australia and Internationally.

Additionally, we have worked on the planning and delivery of unique parties, launches and social functions, and have curated four years highly successful MICF programs.

We know how to deliver an event from concept development, communication strategy, on-the-ground logistics to we-sold-out-high-fives-all-around.


The publicity landscape is littered with buzzwords and catchphrases, high end invoices with no accountability, and promises that can’t be kept.

Last year we worked on over 200 projects to deliver highly personalised media and publicity campaigns for Melbourne based performers and producers. This level of work gives us a unique understanding of the Australian media (and social media) landscape.


The design services see Ange Devery at the helm. From years of experience designing for artists and performers, Ange creates elegant designs that reflect the identity of Crowded’s clients.

See examples of our poster and video work and some price examples.

Contact Us

Best way to contact us directly is to send an email to:

And you can follow us on Instagram/Faceboook.


Ange & Tom