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5:30pm | 27 March - 1 April
5:30pm | 27 March - 1 April David Rose - Just Kidding!
Childhood is embarrassing in hindsight. We’ve all got skeletons in our closet from our youth. So why not share them on stage? Just Kidding invites Australia’s funniest to reminisce about their childhood live on stage, including readings from diaries, old photographs and stories they’d rather forget.
5:30pm | 2 April - 12 April
5:30pm | 2 April - 12 April Debbie Zukerman
Professor Zygielboym is a professor at a very prestigious university. You definitely don’t want to miss her lecture. It’s on something very relevant and important. ‘A marvellous and bizarre story of a professor getting angry about a box’.
5:45pm | 27 March - 8 April
5:45pm | 27 March - 8 April Raewyn Pickering and Urvi Majumdar - Mispronounced
Join these two quick-witted fast rising comedians as they reflect on life and laugh about the nuances of human behaviour found in everyday interactions. Each night will be unforgettable with a different special guest host (including past RAW winners, MICF favourites and writers for The Project).
6:00pm | 27 March - 8 April
6:00pm | 27 March - 8 April Daniel Burt - A Trip Down Memory Laneway
Melbourne is full of hidden history with intrigue, oddballs and crazy incidents waiting to be discovered around every stencil-graffitied and urine-soaked corner. Join award-winning writer of ABCTV’s Hard Quiz and The Weekly as he explores the funny side of the city formerly known as Batmania.
6:15pm | 27 March - 8 April
6:15pm | 27 March - 8 April Squirly - Squirldog-Millionaire
A Raw Comedy State Final winner Squirly uses his mischievous mind and laconic biographical style to tackle modern city living. Taking on everything from marine welfare to the exorbitant price of tomato sauce packets, this is a show you will never forget.
6:45pm | 27 March - 8 April
6:45pm | 27 March - 8 April Hayley Brennan - The Procrastinator
Is it a bird? Is it plane? I don’t really know what it is, but Hayley is going to stare at it until her blurb writes itself. Somehow she always gets the job done. This is probably why she’ll never learn how to stop being a Procrastinator.
7:00pm | 27 March - 8 April
7:00pm | 27 March - 8 April Leaky Bucket - Swings at Dusk
This fast-paced sketch show from Leaky Bucket captures the magic and imagination of one of those legendary childhood days. Sketches range from the feeling you get from spinning around and looking up at the sky to putting a Band-Aid on a cut because your brother got one.
7:15pm | 27 March - 8 April
7:15pm | 27 March - 8 April Victorian Avant-garde Artists Society
You suggest one emotion, and the Victorian Avant-garde Artists Society will improvise a bold new parody of “cutting-edge” theatre. Complex and captivating stories are devised on-the-spot in this mind-bending mashup of comedy, tragedy and theatrical tropes unlike anything you’ve seen on stage.
7:30pm | 27 March - 8 April
7:30pm | 27 March - 8 April Lisa-Skye - By the Time You Read This, Lisa-Skye Will Have a Girlfriend*
From the creator of the acclaimed ‘Spiders Wearing Party Hats’. Master storyteller Lisa-Skye presents a new funny, sexy, sweet, outrageous & tender dispatch from a life less ordinary. Fans of Skye already know this’ll be a delight. The rest of you good people: Holy crapwow you’re in for a treat.
8:00pm | 27 March - 8 April
8:00pm | 27 March - 8 April David Massingham - Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls
Your heart will go on for the debut solo-sketch-comedy-thingy from wobble-faced Raw Comedy Qld finalist David Massingham (The Big HOO-HAA!, The Sexy Detectives). He’s a national improv champion, an award-winning sketch comedian, and he wants you to sketch him wearing this.
8:15pm | 27 March - 8 April
8:15pm | 27 March - 8 April Alex Ward - Good, Great
Alex believes that everyone is trying their best, but somehow people at their best can still be simply the worst. Alex is no exception. She’s quite possibly the best at being the worst. To be fair she doesn’t try that hard though.
8:30pm | 27 March - 8 April
8:30pm | 27 March - 8 April Paul Noodle Phd. Candidate - Into The Abyss
State Finalist RAW Comedy 2016
Winner UniMelb Comedy Competition 2017
A father enters his son’s mind and finds a surreal world built from a unique amalgamation of sketch and improvised comedy.
8:45pm | 27 March - 8 April
8:45pm | 27 March - 8 April Miles Munn - Romance Novel
If there’s such a thing as really good ‘bad literature’, this is it. Miles Munn performs a live reading of his romance novel about office life and dating. His heroine Libby must confront the everyday awkwardness of her romantic, social, and medium-level sex life.
9:15pm | 27 March - 8 April
9:15pm | 27 March - 8 April Pickup - #pickup
Melbourne’s cutest smut merchants break the mould with original songs, masterful guitar and brilliant electric ukulele. Think Kylie Minogue’s Tinder account meets Freddie Mercury’s Grindr account. An inclusive, sex-positive and salacious music comedy explosion.
9:30pm | 9 April - 22 April
9:30pm | 9 April - 22 AprilEd Britton - Groping for his Manhood
Ed always knew he wanted to grow up to be a man. But, having lost the instruction manual, it’s been a confusing journey of half-cooked gender stereotypes and outdated idioms. Join Ed as he shares his story figuring out how to prove his manliness whilst also being a good guy.
9:45pm | 27 March - 8 April
9:45pm | 27 March - 8 April Mitch Garling - Tell Someone Who Cares
Named as one of Sydney Comedy Festival’s Best Emerging Comedians for 2017, Mitch Garling debuts his new show, Tell Someone Who Cares. An introspective imagining of life as a full-time adult, Tell Someone Who Cares gives voice to the thoughts most people decide to keep inside.
10:00pm | 27 March - 8 April
10:00pm | 27 March - 8 April Alice Snedden - Self Titled
2018 Billy T Award Nominee, Alice Snedden is back in Melbourne!
Watch as she tells jokes and you laugh. Smile as she tells stories and you relate. It won’t all be about her, some of it will be about you too, the ‘you’ being society. Look! We’re already having fun.
5:30pm | 9 April - 22 April
5:30pm | 9 April - 22 AprilEthan Andrews - The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be
Ethan Andrews grew up in a mining town with the highest ratio of men to women in Australia. He left because the author of a self-help book told him to.
5:45pm | 9 April - 22 April
5:45pm | 9 April - 22 April Comedy Showcase - 3's Comedy
Each night, we present three of the festivals best local and international comedians! Just bare bones stand up, for cheap. Different line-up every night.
6:00pm | 27 March - 8 April
6:00pm | 27 March - 8 April Queenie Kent - Bright Lights and Promises
Queenie Kent was once the darling of the well-worn, fluorescent-lit stages of RSL clubs spanning the entire east coast of Australia. She’ll sing, dance and give advice, whether you want her to or not! And she may or may not keep her clothes on!
6:15pm | 9 April - 22 April
6:15pm | 9 April - 22 April Aurelia St Clair, Mathew Hespe & Josh Webb - Neapolitan
Sample three distinct flavours of stand-up from some of Melbourne’s up-and-coming comedic talent as they present their best material. Featuring RAW Comedy 2017 State Finalist Aurelia St Clair, National Finalist Josh Webb, and North Melbourne Comedy Competition Semifinalist Mathew Hespe.
6:45pm | 9 April - 22 April
6:45pm | 9 April - 22 April Jacqueline Mifsud - Be Better!
Jacqueline Mifsud is sick of your shit. Her message is simple: Cut the crap. Be better!
7:00pm | 27 March - 8 April
7:00pm | 27 March - 8 April Ben Volchok - Ben Volchok Presents...
BEN VOLCHOK PRESENTS… radio comedy, live on stage! Watch (and listen) as Ben embodies a whole range of characters in a fast-paced, hilarious extravaganza. Inspired by such classic radio comedies as The Goons, this is a new, exciting show devised, written and performed by Ben Volchok.
7:15pm | 9 April - 22 April
7:15pm | 9 April - 22 April James Roque - Legal Alien
In 2017 James Roque realised he’d been pronouncing his own Filipino last name wrong for the last 18 years – so he adjusted it back. Since then he’s been feeling like a brand new immigrant. The Filipino step-son of New Zealand comedy makes his Melbourne solo debut as he dissects what it means to be an immigrant in today’s western world.
7:30pm | 9 April - 22 April
7:30pm | 9 April - 22 April Elizabeth Davie - Super Woman Money Program
Nominated Best Comedy Perth Fringe World 2018.
Did you know women often retire with a lot less super than men? Elizabeth didn’t. She gets her financial advice from Shirley Bassey and spent all her money going to clown school. But now they tell her she has to raise an extra $350,000 for her retirement. So she’s doing a comedy show. Welcome to the Super Woman Money Program.
8:00pm | 27 March - 8 April
8:00pm | 27 March - 8 April Vincent Tshaka - Australianised
Vincent Tshaka was born and raised in Kenya, he never thought that moving overseas would mean that he would slowly but surely become part of Australia, the new place he now calls home. As a result this comedy show is a confession of his internal struggles and dialogue on his feelings about what he has known all his life growing up in Kenya and what he knows and has come to love and know about life in Australia while still having roots in Kenya.
8:15pm | 9 April - 22 April
8:15pm | 9 April - 22 April Joe Shaffer - Here's Looking at You Squid
A show for animal lovers and haters alike! It’s all about animals, but also love and regrets. Fun facts about animals mixed with social commentary reminding us all that we are just animals in clothes. As seen and heard on ABC, Joe Shaffer returns to MICF with his signature upbeat style and hilarious jokes. You can’t Bear to miss it!
8:30pm | 9 April - 22 April
8:30pm | 9 April - 22 April Fiannah de Rue - It's Not Funny
Few things bring us together like death does. In her debut solo show, improviser and comedian Fiannah de Rue (The Improv Conspiracy) invites you to shift uncomfortably in your seat as she talks you through the time her dad died. Don’t laugh, It’s Not Funny.
8:45pm | 27 March - 8 April
8:45pm | 27 March - 8 April Jeeves Verma - The Fault In Our Sitars
There are 7 standard vows in all Hindu weddings: some are wise and insightful; others are outdated, if not sexist. Jeeves’s warm, story-telling style juxtaposes his angry logic as he compares these vows to modern-day, western values in this show all about dating, marriage and relationships.
9:15pm | 9 April - 22 April
9:15pm | 9 April - 22 April Stephanie Laing: Mad About the Boy
Making her Australian debut: Stephanie’s love life has been a rollercoaster, if rollercoasters involve awkward sex, self- sabotage and therapy. Come and hear this lovable little weirdo talk about all the boys she’s done stuff with, including some proper wrong-uns.
9:30pm | 13 April - 22 April
9:30pm | 13 April - 22 April Willem Richards - Full Metal Jacket and other impractical fashions
There’s no actual wolf on Wall Street. The NeverEnding Story is 107 minutes long. And not even a small sequinned top in Full Metal Jacket. Why don’t titles deliver on what they promise? This important question will not be answered – nor asked – in this off-the-wall sketch show.
9:45pm | 9 April - 22 April
9:45pm | 9 April - 22 AprilChanu Choi - Geometrical Correctness
Two Paramedics’ first words: “Nice body!”
Featured on SBS Radio. Clean. Observational. Mental Health. LGBTQI+ and The Geometry of Love. He will redefine “People”. Expect him.
10:00pm | 9 April - 22 April
10:00pm | 9 April - 22 April Blake Everett - Unknown Comedian
Throughout the festival, you are encouraged to see an “Unknown Comedian”. That is, of course, an endorsement of my show, so you should probably come and see it. Experience Blake perform his unique blend of stand-up, sketch and musical comedy as he embarks on a journey to become more “known”.