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5:45pm | 28 March - 7 April
5:45pm | 28 March - 7 April Luke Morris - The Wine Science Show
How much wine can you drink? Why do you drink? And how come Hungarians are dangerous with Champagne? Drawing on biology, psychology and MicrosoftPaint, this is the perfect pre-dinner, post-work, or intra-drinking show.
7:00pm | 28 March - 7 April
7:00pm | 28 March - 7 April Rob Caruana - Performing Comedy
Rob Caruana has nearly died multiple times, but currently he is still alive, performing comedy. This is a tale that’s twice as crazy as the tail of a Giant Anteater, and it’s all told in a unique manic visual style that needs to be seen to be believed.
8:15pm | 28 March - 7 April
8:15pm | 28 March - 7 April Aidan 'Taco' Jones - The Abersham Flat
In 2015 Taco lived with a conman in a flat in London who defrauded the other flatmates out of money by telling them he owned the flat. I wrote a blog about him every week in secret, and after 3 months he got arrested for fraud. This is the story.
9:30pm | 28 March - 7 April
9:30pm | 28 March - 7 April Megan McCrea - Obsessed
New Zealand Comedian Megan McCrea (RAW Comedy National Finalist 2014) has been too hooked on fads to debut her first solo show, until now! With paralyzing fomo, she jumps on band wagons and rides them till the end of the line.
5:45pm - 9 April - 21 April
5:45pm - 9 April - 21 April Paul Culliver - Bachelor Recaps
One year ago, Melbourne comedian Paul Culliver moved to regional South Australia to present breakfast ABC Radio. He’s been living the country bachelor life since. This is his story. Let him recap it for you. (Winner Best Comedy Fringe World 2016)
7:00pm | 9 April - 21 April
7:00pm | 9 April - 21 April Ash Greblo and Matthew Vasquez - Comedy Mad Dogs
It’s nothing but comedy for Ash and Matthew. After a sell-out 2017 Comedy Festival show run and conquering the Melbourne comedy circuit, Ashley Greblo and Matthew Vasquez team up for the loosest and funniest Split show of Stand-up comedy you’ve ever seen.
8:15pm | 8 April - 21 April
8:15pm | 8 April - 21 April Annie Louey - Butt Donut
Butt Donut had a sell-out season at the Melbourne Fringe in 2017 and was featured in the Herald Sun for its inspiring take on grief and pain. After touring the show in Perth and Adelaide, Annie Louey (Class Clowns National Finalist) brings the Butt back to Melbourne, bigger and better than ever before.

10% of ticket sales will be donated to the KIDS Foundation charity.

9:30pm | 8 April - 21 April
9:30pm | 8 April - 21 April Luke Joseph Ryan - Reintroducing 2012 Cleo Bachelor of the Year Nominee
Luke Joseph Ryan was one of the Top 50 Cleo Bachelors… in 2012. He came in a hot 50. As seen on Nickelodeon, heard on Nova, and having supported comedians such as Tom Gleeson and Tim Minchin, Luke’s back in 2018 and looking funnier than ever.